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Sean Nelson
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Re: Xeon vs. i7

Chris Noble wrote:

Both are made on the same production lines using the same process geometry. There is no difference in reliability or efficiency. And the cores are virtually the same.

The big difference is that Xeon has different and much wider memory management than i7. Server apps typically load and flush lots of memory, compared to end-user apps.

Xeons (with an appropriate motherboard) support ECC memory, which I consider a must after having spent a few months diagnosing an intermittent problem that turned out to be a bad memory chip.  A few years back when I upgraded to a Core i7 system I chose a Xeon W3520, which is identical to a Core i7 920 but with ECC memory support.

Everything else in a computer system error checked except (in most desktops) main memory, yet that's where the most important stuff happens. Important data can be corrupted while being manipulated in main memory and stored back onto disk with nobody being the wiser. People who care about data integrity should be using ECC memory, IMHO.

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