Sensor size vs. camera/lens size - A question

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Sensor size vs. camera/lens size - A question


Most of us have been involved in discussions about why we have to live with a small sensor even though the facts indicate that the larger sensors, as on the professional DSLRs, generally offer much better IQ.,

The reasons usually given are that if we did not have a small sensor, the camera and lens would have to be much, much  larger and expensive to accommodate even a marginally larger sensor.

I do not understand that position, not that it is wrong, I just do not understand it and hope someone here with much more knowledge can explain it to us  simply and in layman's terms.

Let me offer my thoughts, even though I admit that I do not know much about the scientific part of this subject, but I am trying to learn.

35mm SLR cameras available before digital, used cameras and lenses about the same size or only fractions of an inch larger than the FZ200. The film area used, 35mm, was many times larger than almost anything available today.

I understand a little about the crop and projection ratios, but it is not clear to me why we can not have a camera about the size of the FZ200, with a manual focus and zoom ring similar to the FZ30/50, and with a much larger sensor, albeit not 35mm, but close to what is used by the pro DSLR crowd, and if the several big, bulky, heavy, expensive lenses required to match the FZ200's range and the dirt getting into the sensor is such a big problem, don't have interchangeable lenses, use one permanently attached lens similar to what is used on the FZ200 and be done with it!

I believe that in the very near future this will be the camera type developed by some intelligent company who will be happy taking the lion's share of all the business for a long, long time and not trying to 'sneak up' on the ultimate camera with little changes every year hoping to get more of our dollars in the long run.

Of course this camera would probably be a little more costly, but not nearly as much as buying a new camera every year and selling the old for much less than you paid for it, as well as buying several lenses with overlapping focal lengths to match the FZ200 or similar camera. Think about it!

I for one will keep my FZ150 until such a camera described above becomes available and if it never does, a FZ150/200 is not a bad place to sit.

Thank you, please offer your comments and assistance.

Regards, Ken.

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