Panasonic LX7 AF modes.

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Re: Panasonic LX7 AF modes.

I think using single AF mode is preferred (at least by me) solely because it allows you to focus on the AF spot, rather than letting the camera decide when in area/multi AF. Case in point, I handed my LX7 to my 10 yr odl daughter to shoot some stills of me and another daughter in an indoor relay race. Thus, she focused on me with the AF- spot. If she had assumed multi, I dont think the picture we wanted would have been in focus.

Here it is - panned and shot by a 10 yr old! (Click for larger)

sigala1 wrote:

lxlex wrote:

I have to add that I recommend using the single area AF mode over the 23 area/multi focusing mode for much cleaner images and color!

Images seem much sharper corner to corner.

Don't know if this is the case with most cameras but I have found it so with my LX7.

Do you have an explanation for this?

I have been using the multi-mode because the LX7 so clearly shows you the multiple boxes it is focused on, which gives me a good idea of what the camera is thinking. Do you think this means I am getting blurry photos?

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