Best Option for Nature Photography - - Fuji Style?

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Re: Best Option for Nature Photography - - Fuji Style?

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An alternative that could be ideal for image quality, high ISO performance and long focal length (but at a price) would be a V1 kit that includes Nikon's FT1 lens adapter which acts as a 2.7x teleconverter and something like Nikon's 55-300mm VR lens. When used with the FT1 it's equivalent to a 148-810mm lens. Here's a forum post that may give you a good idea of what's possible with a V1 kit like this.

Do you have to use Nikons lens with that adaptor..or can you use something like a sigma 70-300 which seems quite cheap

With Nikon's lenses, the FT1 allows autofocusing only with "silent wave motor" (AF-S) lenses. Gear driven lenses have to be manually focused. I've read that with Sigma lenses, the ones with built-in motors will autofocus, but not the HSM lenses, and that most of Sigma's stabilized lenses aren't recognized, only some of the latest models. Another problem appears to be that some of the stabilized lenses that don't work can be re-chipped to make them compatible, but only in some countries (Korea and/or Japan, maybe others) but Sigma USA won't allow the same upgrades to be made.

It may be best to ask about the compatibility of specific Sigma lenses either here or in the Third Party Lens Talk forum.

Thanks for your reply

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