How is the OMD so fast

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Re: How is the OMD so fast

Entropius wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

If what everyone is saying is true, then it is unfair and even stupid that teh dpreview criticises the OMD-E5 for poor tracking autofocus - it cannot help it.

Why, then, however, are mirrorless devices on just phase detection?

"It can't help it" has nothing to do with anything. This isn't a competition where it's unfair to criticize a particular design for a failing just because it's difficult to overcome; this is a website telling people about the properties of different cameras so they can buy one that does what they need.

Regardless of why the E-M5 can't track moving subjects well, it can't, and if that's what you need you might ought to buy something else. (Frankly, I shoot a lot of wildlife, so tracking AF is something I could see myself using, but I may still buy an E-M5 just because it's so damn good at everything else.)

Its fair to point it out, but stupid to say 'at this price point we expect continuous AF to be better'. Its not like they were just a bit stupid, like Fuji with poor manual focusing software, or Nex 7 with its problem with historic wide angle lenses. Its an inherent weakness of the current technology that is all.

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