Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

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Re: Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

Peter Galbavy wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Nope. That's not a description of automatic panning detection, it's a description of Mode 2 in IS lenses with a mode switch (i.e. the vast majority).

It's the same thing;

It's *NOT* the same thing. In all cases except the two I mentioned, you have to physically switch to Mode 2 to enable panning support. The IS mechanism then only detects the direction of panning once switched into Mode 2. When Canon refers to automatic panning detection (e.g. here ) they mean that there is no switch, the lens switches itself automatically into panning mode.

Set to Mode 2 and the lens will detect panning and disable IS in that direction - from the 300-400 Mark II IS manual: (manually copied)

"MODE 2: Corrects vertical camera shake during shots in a horizontal direction, and corrects horizontal camera shake during following shots in a vertical direction."

What's missing? Set to mode 2 and off you go.

The switch gives you the options, and on the different generations of IS and lense means ever so slightly different things.

This has nothing to do with generations of lenses. The latest big whites, which are as leading edge as it is possible to get, have a mode switch with (apart from the addition of Mode 3) the same functionality as the first IS lens to have panning support, the 300/4L IS from 1997.

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