AF point select v. focus-recompose on OM-D

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Re: AF point select v. focus-recompose on OM-D

I originally used center point AF and recompose, since cameras like the E-1 only had 3 focus points, and the 2 side focus points were close enough to the center and weren't cross focus points that it wasn't useful to use them.

When I got the E-3 (and later E-P2/E-5), which had 11 focus points, I switched to using AF point select, and I don't use center point AF and recompose, except when I take the E-1 out shooting.  If I'm using a tripod, I don't want to keep moving the camera back and forth.  When I'm shooting things like performers at renaissance faires I visualize in my minds eye how I want the shot to come out, and set the focus point so that I can get the face of the person I'm tracking in the orientation I want.  Then I manually track the action, keeping that person's face in the box, and shoot the shot when the decisive moment comes by.  For normal performances, this works reasonably well, though for belly dancers, they move fast enough that I get some number of shots focused on the crowd behind the dancer, because my finger muscles aren't fast enough.

Note, I have the cameras set up so the arrow pad changes the focus point, instead of having ISO, AF, etc. on the keys (I used the super control panel to change those, though unlike some people, I don't change my settings all that often).  On the E-3/E-5, I can change the focus points almost as quickly as the old focus and recompose method when I have the camera viewfinder up to my eye.  You just have to have used the camera enough, that you know exactly where the arrow keys are without looking at them.

Now that I recently got the E-PM2, for some things, I am moving towards using the touch screen to indicate the focus point, rather using the arrow keys to change the focus point.

Like Kirk Tuck, I'm finding I'm using face recognition more and more these days.

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