How is the OMD so fast

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Re: How is the OMD so fast

zenpmd wrote:

If what everyone is saying is true, then it is unfair and even stupid that teh dpreview criticises the OMD-E5 for poor tracking autofocus - it cannot help it.

Why, then, however, are mirrorless devices on just phase detection?

"It can't help it" has nothing to do with anything. This isn't a competition where it's unfair to criticize a particular design for a failing just because it's difficult to overcome; this is a website telling people about the properties of different cameras so they can buy one that does what they need.

Regardless of why the E-M5 can't track moving subjects well, it can't, and if that's what you need you might ought to buy something else. (Frankly, I shoot a lot of wildlife, so tracking AF is something I could see myself using, but I may still buy an E-M5 just because it's so damn good at everything else.)

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