? "Lost" Photoshop actions - how to replace from cloned drive

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Re: ? "Lost" Photoshop actions - how to replace from cloned drive

Johanfoto wrote:

Londongal wrote:

Hi noirdesir,

I followed your clear instructions, did the search and found the action set I created today. Thank you for your input; I've learned something valuable!

Unfortunately, I could not find all my missing actions, as I had not saved them after writing them. Luckily the actions I had written and not saved can be re-written somewhat easily...just the time involved.

You can still find the actions you didn't save. Obviously, Photoshop saved them somewhere, but not individually and not in an ATN file. All the actions that are in your action palette (saved and unsaved) are in: home/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS6 settings/Actions Palette.psp. Just restore this file from a backup (while Photoshop is not running) and then start Photoshop.

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Hi Johanfoto,

Success!!!!! All my actions are now restored from my Cloned Drive to my Local Drive. Thank you!!! This entire process has been a valid learning experience.

Two key factors to this particular success?

1) A solid back up system and;

2) Knowledgeable input from everyone who helped here.



Edit: I had designed/personalized some black frames which look like the old rough edges from film negatives (darkroom days). It took a great deal of time and effort to write these actions and I would have been gutted if they were lost.  A true thank you

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