How is the OMD so fast

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Re: Not necessarily...

bcalkins wrote:

I don't see why CDAF systems can't do tracking as well in the future for stills. PDAF has an advantage in that it is predictive, but with frame rates of 10fps you just need to get focus right every 100ms. a CDAF based system would seem to need to 'wobble' to check focus, but if everything else was fast enough it could keep up with a moving subject.

Electronics improve at a fast rate but the speed at which you can move physical elements cannot be improved at nearly the same rate. Yes, there are sometimes breakthroughs like piezo elements the basis for ultrasonic motors but even they cannot move larger lens elements in milliseconds. And while lens design can minimize the size of the elements that have to move for focussing there are also clear limits to that.

it could also bring with it the advantage of tracking by color anywhere on the sensor.

On-sensor PDAF (or semi-transparent mirrors or separate metering sensors that already are up to 200 000 pixels in recent Nikon DSLRs) can and does use tracking by colour.

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