Strange color negatives among good ones

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Re: Strange color negatives among good ones

I would have guessed at afternoon, but anyway, morning would have looked the same, if you got out of bed in time.

Your negs for making color prints should all have an orange cast, and that makes it very difficult to "red" them wiithout making a print.

Automatic print-making machines (commercial labs, maybe a left over drug store from 1997) analyze the neg, and apply that filtration. But the machine does not know if it was early or late in the.

So it's up to the lab technician to over-ride the machine, or the client to ask for a remake.

When negs are scanned instead of machine printed (and lots of "one hour" machines scan the neg and then print from the scan) similar adjustments can be made.

Most photographers only rarely put filters on cameras loaded with negative films for prints, because labs or technicians with enlrgers could fix the color up. But we would pick different negative film for contrast and for "intensity" for lack of a better word.

Medium contrast films for weddings with white dresses and black tuxedos; snappier film for the mountain scenery.

Photographers using slides chose film for daylight or film for artificial light, and then often would add filters to get the color more precise. Plus we'd pick slide film for portraits, scenery, fashion where accuracy mattered, etc.

Popular Photography used to run an issue with all the North American films in it. Well over 100, and I remember counting through the list. I used 16 different films that year.


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