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HDR and OIS...

A little experimenting with my G5 suggests that the camera may be using OIS info to generate a better (more precisely aligned) HDR image.  I tried handholding several HDR shots using my non-stabilized PLeica 25mm lens -- no success... double lines reflecting slight camera movement between shots. However, when I tried the same with the 12-35mm zoom (with power OIS) set to 25mm, I had a much better success rate handholding the HDR shot.

I wonder whether the camera is smart enough, with an OIS lens, to compensate for some of the camera movement when putting the three shots together.  If so, then handheld HDR using the 20mm Panny, the 25mm, and any of the Olympus lenses should yield poorer results than with stabilized Panasonic lenses.

Of course, one could always use a tripod if they are serious about HDR.

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