Should I send my D800 back to El Segundo for left AF issue?

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Re: Should I send my D800 back to El Segundo for left AF issue?

Richard Spangler wrote:

Back in mid June I sent my Nikon D800 in to El Segundo, CA for the left AF issue. When I got it back it seemed better but the left was still not as in focus as the center and right points or live view with the left AF. Today I was looking at the 24-70 2.8 and 14-24 at my local photography store. Although I didn’t have a tripod I took several shots of items with text around the store with high shutter speed and the left was clearly not as in focus as the right/center for these 2 lenses. Personally I’m tired of whipping out focus charts and having to run a bunch of tests but I am wondering if they can check the camera out and have a better process now than they did back in June? This is clearly an issue that Nikon is aware of so I am hoping they can test the camera and verify if it needs service. The 1 year wnty runs out in March or April.

I'd send it back for service if it doesn't appear to be focusing correctly in "real life" situations. Be thorough on your written explanation that will accompany the body along with some sample photos illustrating the issues you're having. I use the outside reticles all the time in my shooting and for me they must work, I don't have the interest/time in focusing with the center then recomposing. The outside reticles should work, they won't work as fast as the cross center reticles, but they (should) work. Since I don't shoot focus charts for my work I don't test lenses and bodies that way. I tested 4 800s in the store over the spring/summer before I took my 800E home with me - works great.

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