400mm vs 16.7 zoom question

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Re: 400mm vs 16.7 zoom question

RP McMurphy wrote:

Echo that 70-300 would be the best lens for you imo and cheaper than the 80-400


The 80-400 doesn't have VR (I think) is heavy and fairly expensive and not any 'quciker' than the 70-300 but gives you 600mm focal length with the crop factor and that for me is beyond the limit of hand holding as you'd need consistenly a shutter spped of 1/600 second not to regularly have blurred pictures

That's why I'd go for the slightly shorter length with VR

Agree with your recommandation of 70-300 VR. It is a very nice lens for a little over $500.

The Nikon 80-400 mm does have VR. It is the very first Nikon VR lens ever introduced. However, the VR is not very effective in today's standard. Yes, it is considerably bigger and heavier.

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