How is the OMD so fast

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Re: How is the OMD so fast

I read through most of the posts and there is something everyone is missing. The 4/3 system  when first introduced was created from the ground up. The lenses, all of them, are digital specific so the read out they produce is easily translated by the processors in the cameras. This is different from other system that adapted auto focus into older traditional lens designs. It allowed Panny and Oly to develop much better designs and while many hate the focus by wire type auto focus most of the lenses use we see now that it was a good design decision as it has allowed them to create these insanely fast and accurate focusing systems. They can continue to increase speed and accuracy by simply tweaking the processors, adding a dual core like the OMD, doubling the sample rate like the OMD, it's all very easy, and they can do it again and again.

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