Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: Disappointed with K-30.

Not sure what part of Weather Resistance led you believe you had a weather PROOF combo ?

or what makes you think any camera is humidity proof ?

This is what set my expectations high: http://www.pentaximaging.com/dslr/K-30_Black : ..digital cameras and certain interchangeable lenses have been specifically engineered to include a high level of protection against dust, moisture, rain and cold temperatures. Water-tight access covers, gaskets and a generous number of seals in the construction of the camera and lens body have expanded how and where these products can be used. The current selection of DSLRs from PENTAX offer a weather, dust and coldproof design to ensure reliable and consistent performance both in inclement weather and in those demanding environmental conditions

You are probably right about low of physics. What I am disappointed with is that cheap cameras and iPhones do not suffer (or suffer considerably less) from this phenomena than an expensive, weatherproof K-30. I think if Pentax designed a special hole in the body winch will pass air through when lens is retracted/extended, filtering/removing excessive humidity at the same time, camera will be much better.

Think also about fine-dispersed dust – K-30 probably sucks it inside the same way as it does for vapor.


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