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Re: I went with Zenfolio.....


Collett wrote:

keeponkeepingon wrote:

tomoo1000 wrote:

I use SmugMug dose it all.


Smugmug does not play videos in slideshows while zenfolio does.
Smugmug's (lame) solution is to use a 3rd party service that creates video slide shows. You get 12 pictures for free but have to pay the service an annual fee for any slideshows with more than 12 pictures/videos.

That said zenfolio really needs to work on their gallery presentation, smugmug's is a lot better.

While smugmug dynamicaly resizes to fill your browser window and allows you to zoom in on the finer details of a picture, zenfolio creates 4 or 5 set image sizes, then picks the one that best fits your browser windows. The result is smugmug galleries and photos tend to fill the screen while a zenfolio gallery can fill the screen.... if you are lucky and get a good photo size but most of the time there is a ton of empty space on a zen folio gallery.

zenfolio has a very nice library of like 50 free songs for their slide shows.

For a pro photographer the slideshow features are not a big deal but for sharing events with remote family/friends smugmug's lame video support can be a "deal breaker".

For example a kids birthday party:

Zenfolio slide show: picture picture video of kid blowing out the candles picture picture.
Smugmug slideshow: picture picture first frame of video of kid blowing out the candles picture picture picture go back to the gallery and click on the video of the kid blowing out the candles.
An OK compromise between smug/zenfolio is www.phanfare.com. Prettier galleries than zenfolio plus videos in slideshows for an OK price.... BUT the company was brought out by carbonite, which should be a good thing (bigger company = better stability) but instead carbonite alienated legacy customers by killing their lifetime memberships and has given the service no love. Phanfare has stagnated for over a year now (their latest news item on their "news page" is from 2009, they killed their user forums, replaced the forums with a a facebook page which they then abandoned etc).

I went with Zenfolio..... the $60/year package.

Ya shoulda told me...I would have given you my ref number...saved us $5 each

I would have if I had known there was such a thing.  I am not a very demanding user and so far so good.  The uploads seem significantly faster under the real version vs trial.


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