Kodak DX4330 recharging deck issue

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Re: Kodak DX4330 recharging deck issue

chiue wrote:

That partition plastic between the two batteries is use to depress a switch inside the battery compartment to allow the dock to charge the battery. If you just put two rechargeble batteries in, the dock will not charge it. I'm not sure about that tiny piece of electronic board that came out with it. I've replaced the Kodak batteries with 2 eneloop. You can see the switch inside the battery compartment of the DX6440.

A micro switch inside the battery compartment in the middle.

Right on there, chiue! I was wondering about that little gizmo and now I can see why I couldn't charge the batteries (two eneloops) in my CX6445 when I sat it on the printer dock.

I have tried to emulate the above pic with a close-up of my  gizmo but have not quite succeeded. anyway, helps to keep this forum alive!


P.S.  After deleting the other pics, my text is starting from the page centre and starts crawling to the left as I type. When it reaches what is the normal start position, the next letter jumps to the centre!

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