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Re: By June??

petreluk wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Hi again James

I'm with you.

On conservatism being prudent, - I certainly didn't mean to imply that it should be stultifying. It has to be matched by creativity and flexibility to adapt and succeed in a changing business environment. FF is now part of that, and whatever some people may think of the timing, Pentax are responding.

On the impact of the Ricoh purchase - it means that Pentax has an investor or underwriter, but of course, Ricoh will want a return on its investment. Ricoh's purchase may open up opportunities, but it doesn't mean that Pentax has to be any less pragmatic about long run business decisions.

And on blogs.........well I think rather than serving a purpose (which they undoubtedly still do) they have also become an end in themselves........ They do indeed keep us entertained - as the millions of threads in DPR demonstrate.

Cheers, Rod

My understanding is that Pentax and Ricoh are the same thing now, in the sense that Pentax cameras are 100 per cent owned by Ricoh, so the days of bringing an investor on board are long gone. The name itself is only a brand

In some ways yes - in other ways no. When you buy a company and make it a division of a bigger company its old character doesn't entirely disappear - think of Microsoft buying Skype. So it's more than some Intellectual property and a label which can be stuck on Ricoh cameras. Like any division of any company it has resource needs and (potential returns).  So investing in the activities of Pentax isn't like the old Asahi optical Corp going to the market and selling shares, it is Ricoh putting money into an operating division but its still investment.

the old Ricoh camera division has been folded into it. So in the end where Pentax go from here is entirely up to Ricoh which must have had a plan or intention of some kind when they bought Pentax.

You would have thought Hoya would have got a plan straight when they bought Pentax, selling the company on to Ricoh was a bit of a surprise.

I'd have thought the prudent balance lies in keeping enough of the Pentax faithful onside while also appealing strongly to new buyers which is where any growth is going to come from. Possibly the weighting might be more towards new buyers since the faithful aren't known to be very free with their pocketbooks and many might already have the FF lenses they would need.

I'm not sure how many of the faithful have FF lenses which will stand the tough examination a 24 or 36MP sensor. Would my old 18-35 FAJ , or FA 28-105/4-5.6 [IF] produce better images on a FF body than my 18-250 does on the K5 ? I'm doubtful. Those of us who have bought ultra-wides - Pentax's 10-17 fisheye, or DA12-24 or the sigma 8-16 or 10-20 or even some the 8mm primes out there need to and look for new lenses.  Going from APS-C to FF even with the same mount is almost as big a change as switching systems.

Given a choice between selling more to a few people and broadening the base, I'd take the latter.

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