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Re: "I do not need an EVF" :-)

wictred wrote:

tombell1 wrote:

So at my price point it is with Sony Nex6 ..... poor primes

It's interesting that this is mentioned again and again, just because the 16mm pancake is not really that good and there were not many other e-mount primes available 1 year ago.

There are decent prime lenses now: the 35mm F1.8 and 50mm F1.8 ... the 19mm and 30mm Sigma lenses ... even the 30mm Macro has it's uses.

Sure, Samsung has the superb 60mm Macro and the 85mm portrait lenses. Sony has the 24mm CZ lens (35mm eq) instead and there will probably be a new 85mm F1.8 lens this year.

Regarding lenses both systems have their gems and I'd say they're on the same level now ... it depends on what you need.

My 2 cents opinion is that a few of the Samsung lens are better then Nex.

Between the two 16mm, the Samsung is certainly better, not only in edge sharpness but also has better color.

Comparing the kit lens (I have Nex5 and NX200), the Samsung 20-50mm is also better, I was surprise of the amount of detail and color from a kit lens. The Nex kit lens is just another kit lens. Photozone's review comment on Samsung's kit lens "Optically it is among the best standard zoom lenses in the mirrorless system class that we've seen so far." may not be too far off the mark.

The Samsung NX 30/f2 is a great little lens. Not sure about the Nex 30/f1.8 but it is bigger and has OSS.

The 50mm is missing in the Samsung and the 45/f1.8 is not yet out. But I have used Sony DT 50/f1.8 (not the Nex 50/1.8) on the Nex and it is nothing to write home about. Good sharpness but flat images. I sold it quickly. And this is one thing I notice and like about Samsung lens is that it does not do this, while it is definitely not on a level with good German optics ( I use a lot of old "reasonably cheap" German lens on both Nex and Samsung), it is fairly decent.

I have to mention that I like the rendering of images with my manual lens better on the Samsung NX200 that on my Nex 5. Too bad the NX200 do not have peaking function and flip screen. But I will be eagerly waiting for the NX300.

I have the Samsung 50-200mm tele zoom, base on the photos that I have seem for the Nex so far, I would say Samsung tele is better. Howver, I have used the Sony DT 50-200mm zoom on the Nex and I would confidently say the Samsung tele zoom is better, in terms of color and detail. The Nex tele zoom aperture starts at f4.5 while Samsung is f4.

But from what I heard, the Samsung 18-200mm zoom is not very good, while the comment for Nex 18-200mm is very good. But guess what, the Samsung 18-200mm is Made in Japan ... maybe the time has changed.

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