Strange colored film negatives among good ones

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Re: Strange colored film negatives among good ones

Dan Hudson wrote:

I am not new to film photography, but it has been years since shooting film. I am familiar with teaching black and white photography along with processing the film. I have had no experience with color processing other than finding a good processor. I shot about 3 rolls of color negative film at Jekyll Island during the last few days. I am shooting with a Canon EOS Rebel G with a 28-80mm lens. Most all negatives turned out great as to color, except for the ones of the Brunswick bridge. I will try to include the original and my post processed result. The negatives of this bridge are greenish, especially the bridge which of course produced redish positive images. These are the only ones out of about 40 shots on the same film....Fugi 200 35mm. Wish I could find some 100 speed film. Help if you can and many thanks.

This is the result of the un retouched negative

Result after much post processing.

Look at the film's clear rebate, where the frame numbers are. Is that also greenish around the frame in question, as compared with the rest of the roll?

If so, it is likely the film was either incorrectly processed in part, (fogged by a weak red light?) or perhaps badly stored since processing... (some chemical vapours from polyurethane varnish can create green colouration in film negs stored in wooden drawers coated with the stuff.)

If not, then the green (red) was caused by something altering the light entering the lens... most likely natural cause was shooting when the sun was close to the horizon...

.... or it's just possible you put on strong warm-up filter of some kind, say, one meant to enhance sunsets? Of course, if you were shooting around sunset, it could be BOTH!

Note: Your post processing appears a little too light in the actual bridge uprights against the sky.

Also, please note: I'm happy to answer your enquiries to the best of my ability, even without the knowledge that the photography was carried out by a Christian, thanks all the same.

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