Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

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Re: Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

About 1/2 way down (my bold):

"The stabilization characteristics of the Optical Image Stabilizer are set so that it is most effective when photographing stationary subjects, but when panning of a moving subject is attempted, shake-return may affect the finder image, interfering with framing. This occurs because camera movement such as panning is judged to be shaking, activating the image stabilizer. To resolve this problem, Canon developed Optical Image Stabilizer Mode 2. In this mode, if you move the lens to follow a subject for a pre-determined time, the Optical Image Stabilizer continues to correct any camera shake that's perpendicular to the panning motion. However, the Optical Image Stabilizer doesn’t try to correct for the intentional panning, giving you a smooth viewfinder image as you follow the moving subject."

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