Best Option for Nature Photography - - Fuji Style?

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Re: Best Option for Nature Photography - - Fuji Style?

Billx08 wrote:

ragingangel wrote:

Hi all, I am looking for a kit that would allow me to get shots out to 600mm roughly but not weigh a ton. I have been using bridge cameras for a while but I constantly deal with their small sensor limitations. I am looking for something in either a bridge (FZ200) or other combination that will get me the distance and reasonable high ISO shots while not weighing a ton and picking my pocket to severely.

What are your thoughts on options?

There may not be anything that matches what you want. The FZ200's lens goes to 600mm but its 1/2.33" sensor is about as small as you'll find in a camera. Some people call sensors that small "pinhead" sensors. Fuji's X-S1 goes to 624mm and has a much larger 2/3" sensor that produced JPEGs with good color and dynamic range, but it's a little weak where resolution is concerned but it's a large, heavy camera that could be mistaken for a DSLR.

An alternative that could be ideal for image quality, high ISO performance and long focal length (but at a price) would be a V1 kit that includes Nikon's FT1 lens adapter which acts as a 2.7x teleconverter and something like Nikon's 55-300mm VR lens. When used with the FT1 it's equivalent to a 148-810mm lens. Here's a forum post that may give you a good idea of what's possible with a V1 kit like this.

Do you have to use Nikons lens with that adaptor..or can you use something like a sigma 70-300 which seems quite cheap

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