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Re: Not all DNG created equal

I dont get this - why did Pentax use a proprietary version of DNG when they could simply have implemented their own PEF format?

I have an elderly Samsung GX10 (K10d clone) which outputs in DNG.

With some manipulation of the exif files, I can get these DNG files to be read in DxO, a DNG unfriendly software.

But I made the fatal mistake of converting my later PEF files from a KX camera into DNG files as I bought into the 'DNG files are future proof' nonsense. Turms out the converted into DNG files aren't read by DxO (my preferred software) so I can't do anything with these files in DxO. One could say this is a DxO issue but equally one can say that I should not have converted the files in the first place.

The only potentail benefit is that  older raw formats, which may no longer be supported by newer software, can be converted into DNG which can then be read by Adobe software - please note the benefit for Adobe software sales.

Bottom line for me is that there no good reason to use DNG files - since a camera manufacturer such as Pentax controls their own brand format, what is the benefit to Pentax using DNG on one of their models? I see no real benefit to the user.

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