Best Nikon D800/D600 picture settings to get great looking images with no fuss.

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Duncan C wrote:

samjstern wrote:

Some D600 Neutral Settings (Good skin tones) (revised November 2012)


With the SB-800 using white balance of "flash" is very DEAD ON.

Huh? How can a single white balance setting be "very DEAD ON" in different types of light? The flash setting should be good if the scene is lit with flash, and will probably be good for noon sun, since flash is very close to direct sunlight in color temp. However, shoot at sunset, or under florescent lights, or in lots of other situations and the flash white balance is going to be way off the mark.

The whole point of white balance is that you need to match the setting to the light in your scene. The AWB in newer Nikon bodies is very good, however, and if you're going to pick a single setting, AUTO would be your best choice.


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The flash white balance I spoke about was ment that it is very dead on when used indoors as the main illumination.

Also, I use a lot of "fill flash" outdoors and yes, "flash white balance" I have found is the best "starting point"

Sometimes I do take the time to do a custom white balance.

Many times during a hestic wedding, time is not always there. The "flash" white balance when used with a Nikon flash always gets you close.

I hate florescent lights at a wedding venue. I usually , as soon as I get to the place, do a custom white balance.  Then the DJ turns the lights down later and I have to do it again.

I was making a general statement, that often really does hit the mark when using a Nikon flash.

Other makers of flashes produce slightly different kelvin temps.

Sorry if I got your dander up. I should have explained more.

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