what am I doing wrong - not sharp :(

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A brick wall?

nuggy wrote:

I think this picture taken with the same equipment is sharper (although a compressed jpg).

You seem to imply that .jpg is somehow detrimental to "sharpness". Even if this is the case, the difference is in my opinion so minuscule that it is not worth considering at this stage. I'd guess that in-camera software will do a better job in producing an image than you, fiddling with an array of sensor-generated numbers (because that's what the d7k .nef file is) on some computer.

My respectful suggestion is to stick with camera produced jpgs and take some pictures of well-lit brick walls (instead of tree-branches anywhere from 5 to 20 meters from the lens), with a known good-quality single focal length lens (buy or borrow a 50mm 1.8 D?), as close to iso 200, f:8 and 1/500 shutter speed as practical. This will tell you what your equipment is capable of in the best of circumstances. Then start working on your skills, (and keep at it, until the equipment - and that includes the in-camera software - becomes the limiting factor, and until you can always predict exactly how the equipment will deal with less than ideal circumstances. Don't get discouraged; most of us here still haven't reached that stage : )


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