A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

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Re: A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

photo chris wrote:

tbcass wrote:

As abritton76 pointed out. Sharpness is not really important for video.

For something the size of a post-it on the web that may be the case, but put it on a TV and any shortcomings become glaring deficiencies. Put it on to a 10-foot screen in a corporate boardroom and people will scream for someone to focus the projector. That's my judge of IQ, and for me the A99 falls short. I can't put anything that looks like what I posted on a reel to show potential clients - if I did I'd starve. If it works for you or anyone else that's fine, use it and be happy, but please don't throw around statements like "sharpness is not really important for video" because its every bit as important as it is in photography. Tell that to Shane Hurlbert or anyone else that's used a DSLR for a major gig and get back to me when they stop laughing. Sharpness is critically important.

yeah i never said it's not important for video. What I am basically saying though is if you cant see it with the naked eye when in motion it's irrelevant. I watch my footage on a 42 inch screen and it looks great. Blowing it up on a 10ft screen isn't going to make much difference as the resolution is still the same. Unless of course its a 4k screen and then then it's short comings will be more noticeable. Its not the same as when enlarging photos. That's why I don't see the point of taking screen grabs of movie footage and blowing it up. If you can't see it normally then it's of no consequence- generally speaking (I am not talking about broadcast quality here as the a99 video is not intended for that.)  Btw for some reason your you tube links don't seem to be working but i will try and check them out later.

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