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Re: Shutter Speed Especially Important for Flying Birds

Jamon47 wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

...shooting flying birds. If the shutter speed is too fast, a strobing effect will make the wings appear to be in several places at one time...

From your own experience in shooting flying birds what would be the maximum ss that would not create a strobbing effect but give good frame grabs of flying birds with no (or minimal) blur?

For example, shooting a video of two birds chasing and attacking each others and taking frame grabs of the attacks...

In experimenting with an HDV camcorder, I found that I could set it to 1/100th-sec. shutter and not show too much strobing. When I went up to 120th-sec., it started to become noticeable. I always optimize video settings for realtime playback and consider that vid-caps are secondary. Usually, even with a slower shutter, there will be a few frames that are sharp and can be captured as stills.

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