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Rbbra wrote:

Dougbm_2 wrote:

ANSWER: All images taken around 2004-205 with a Fuji S2 Pro and Nikkor 18-35 lens.

6Mp DSLR camera. I guess the point is that people may think they need the latest gear to take good photos, Sure there are improvements in low light and af over the years not to mention speed of processing and LCD quality (the one on the S2 Pro was 1.8"! - tiny). The advantage of this camera was the CCD sensor. However these have been phased out in favour of CMOS sensors for better low light peroformance. The CCD sensor do display better tonality hence the Fuji S Pro series being popular with wedding photographers and portraitists.

Hello Dougbm_2,

Interesting. But what does it say??

Well, the Fuji S Pro could show the happy faces of the bridal couple well enough, I suppose...

But that will be a certain tonality; there could be other tonalities, ranges of colours, I suppose...

So what do you mean by "tonality" in your examples? I cannot see what sets them apart from many other pictures.

Another question is: cannot the "tonality" of that camera be made with another camera and some colour PP?


The tonality of CCD senors means there is a better graduation from highlights to medium tones etc. CMOS sensors tend to have a faster transition and can tend to blow highlights. This gives a more life like tonality.

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