Who or What led to you getting into photography?

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Re: Who or What led to you getting into photography?

I can't remember a time when I didn't enjoy photography. I've never taken it too seriously or been dedicated enough to imagine being a really great photographer or making money from it, but I remember taking photos since about age 8, when I used to take a 110 camera on school trips and take blurred out of focus pictures of my holidays, through a couple of different 110 cameras, some 126 cameras that used to come free with photo processing, point and shoot 35mm cameras and my grandad's old pentax film SLRS... I got my first digital camera in 2002 or thereabouts, and gradually bought better equipment over the years. Now I take high resolution digitalĀ blurredĀ out of focus pictures of my holidays

I think what helped as encouragement is that almost every member of my family enjoys taking and looking at pictures (even in the pre-digital age) and some of them are fairly serious about it. It was quite common growing up to spend afternoons looking through photo albums or go over to an uncle's to see a slide show, so I guess I just grew up with the habit.

I always try to pass on older cameras to any friend or relative I think might make use of them in the hope they might see photography as more than just iphone snaps on facebook. So far, mixed results

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