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Ian Stuart Forsyth
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Re: Are MODERATORS paid a salary?

Brandon birder wrote:

You do realise that for the D800 to be not any better than the D3s, D4, ... at high iso in the field, is a a tremendous endorsement of the D800. 36 megapixel images and equivalent high iso to the D3s and D4 in the field is amazing.

The second statement underlined is very misleading. The D800 is a brilliant wildlife camera. Many wildlife photographers want tremendous detail, colour and top of the range iso upto 6400. It enables them to get images that they coudn't make before. Shutter speed is the only thing lacking as some see it, but if you can photograph a hawk in a dive against a grey dull sky, a swift flying at 100mph, birds in flight against fussy backgrounds, it is more than enough.

The D800 was my pick for wildlife

I know several in my area alone that have moved onto the D800 for wildlife/landscape photography up till now you needed a cropped and FF for the best outcome.

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The most important piece of equipment in photography is the lens cap, if used incorrectly all your photo will be under exposed.
The hardest part about capturing wildlife is not the photographing portion; it’s getting them to sign a model release

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