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Wei Kelun wrote:

Ubilam wrote:

You actually have one of the greatest DSLRs ever made and you are not using it????!!!

Are you nuts?!

I agree with the "don't wait" crowd, and I have two very concrete and practical bits of advice for the original poster:

1. Don't wait. The 7D is a stunning piece of work and it will be a joy to hold in your hands. Go out there are start using it right away.

2. When/if a successor is announced, immediately quit posting on gear forums for at least five years. Part of the problem of a gear forum is that it will make you want the newest and the best, sadly, that's just how these things work. Once you've found a camera that feels good in your hand and gives you good performance, spend the next five years practicing composition and technique. It will be a great investment in you as a photographer. The problem with concentrating too much on gear is that there's always going to be an endless cycle of updates and refinements, all of which will be sexy and compelling, but very few of which will actually impact your ability to get that great shot.

So enjoy your 7D and start taking pictures!

Well said, Wei. Waiting to invest in the next best thing is not like before with these cams.


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