Can we trust review websites ?

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Jackie 7D
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Re: Can we trust review websites ?

In my opinion, I just read the reviews and just get the knowledge of the products and what people think about it. If I am going to buy a nice camera, I always do a lot of research and go to the store and check it out or rent a camera which I like and test it out and with the lens I have and see if that camera is good for me or not. Many people say bad things about the camera or lens which they do not even owned or borrow from a friend or they just used it for one day and say oh it a bad camera. As a consumer, we always test the products before we buy. In some case, we might pickup one of the defective products out of millions which was made. If we are lucky, we might get a great products from the manufacturing or the store we purchase from. Happy shooting and have fun with your camera and lens...

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