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Re: EX2F new firmware

Thanks for the hint, I will try it. Hopefully it will fix the file numbering bug; the numbers jump from 0999 to 4000, and after a few hundreds more back to 0000. Now I already have several duplicate file numbers in the last few months.

The other "bug" is probably more a poor choice by the UI designers: in the P/A/S/M modes the macro mode sticks - when you turn on the camera the next day, then it is still in macro and you'll miss a snapshot. My workaround is to quickly turn the dial to "Smart" mode, which can focus at any distance without special setting.

Another item on my wish list is an option to kill the annoying splash screen, which lectures you for 2 seconds about the new mode you have just selected.

Lastly, I hope there is some option to defuse the WiFi trigger on the 4-way button. Right now it is far too easy to accidentally start the WiFi connection procedure; this button is so exposed, and just grabbing the camera the wrong way can trigger it and I have to quickly turn off the camera to stop it.

Apart for these complaints I'm very happy with the camera, I take most of my pictures with it. If you want a wide 24mm zoom and a fully articulated screen, then the EX2F is the only game in town.

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