Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

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Re: Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

Andrea Crema wrote:

TClair wrote:

You don't sell hardware by having software updates expect a new and improved X1 Pro and XE-1 later in the year. That at least seems to be industry's direction.

Your probably right. I must admit I'm surprised considering I've just bought an XE-1 and its sensor is already superceeded by a newer version in a space of few months.

Yes it is amazing that the sensor in the just newly released X-E1 is now last generation.  Quite unusual and if Fujifilm sticks to their current practice, the X-E1 has 2 years to go for an update.  This really reeks of muffed decision somewhere in the pipeline.  Why could the X-E1 not been held up a few months to get the latest technology?  What possible reason?  No matter how you slice it, the X-E1's sensor is now the old design.  The technology just released a few months ago is obsolete and what's more, the X-E1 since it can accept different manual focus lenses, would benefit dramatically from the new focusing aids that FUJIFILM has developed.

A real questionable strategy, even for FUJIFILM.

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