Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

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Re: Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

Good points, however the new sensor, processor and software development costs have already been paid to be able to introduce the X100s. By quickly offering them in the X-Pro 1 and X-E1 bodies they can 1.) begin to quickly recover thier already sunk R&D costs. 2.) address customer preceived limitations in the current shipping products and 3.) narrow the sales gap between the current lineup and the Olympus OMD5. Think of the 100, Pro and XE bodies based upon a manufacturing platform sharing the same semiconductor and software core using different body/hardware configurations.

FujiFilm has only recently - last two years - re-entered the advanced amateur market and to gain market share without having to resort to a price war will have to cultivate the image of a responsive, fast to market technology leader. IMHO this seems to be the direction that they are headed.

To survive and grow in this crowded and slow growing market they need a different strategy than Canikon/ m4/3s same old same old way of doing business.

Just my 2 cents...

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