extended tele conversion vs. cropping

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Point taken

dontfret wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

That's just a quick look. So he adds it to the 55-210 which does also get longer as you zoom out.

My caution is not the extending zoom, where the adapter weight is borne on the mechanical zoom mechanism My concern is when screwing it onto the lens filter mount of an autofocus lens, that moves the front element forward and backward - the fragile motor is now moving a .4 - 1 pound weight.

Rich Take many pictures - a few are keepers, the rest are are lessons.

Justin has been using this for a long time on the 55-210. He does know what he is doing for sure. Anyone trying this for the first few times does need to be careful.

However, the OP is going to use this on a Sigma MF 400 F/5.6 APO and those are strong lenses, I used them.

Now if we go back to the links I posted with the review of these, they were using them on the Panasonic FZ-10 super zoom. I own one and that lens is not exactly the strongest either. But that's what they used in those tests.

All the best and yes, they are heavy.


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