Why is the 6D considered "entry level"?

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Teila Day
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You don't compare new to old. . rather new to new ;)

An old professional camera body is still a professional camera body because it is compared to its peers from the same period.

A 1960's Corvette was considered a "sports" car in it's day- no matter that today some 16 year old's Subaru would run all over it... it's still a fine sports car, not by today's standards, but by the sporting car standards of its day.

My old 2005 Nikon D2hs was a super fast professional camera in 2005.  Today, it can't hold a candle to cameras thousands of dollars cheaper- it is still no less a professional camera.

I consider my Canon 5d2 a great semi pro, studio camera.  It is no less that even though half a decade later there are cameras for a fraction of the price that's beat it in most features... but that's like comparing a Wooden ship to a Modern aircraft carrier.  You don't.  You compare whatever piece of equipment you're comparing to other pieces of equipment from the same time period.

... and doing that, the 6D is an entry level full frame camera.  That doesn't mean anything bad.  A Ferrari 458 is considered "entry" level, just like the Lamborghini Gallardo or Porsche Boxter... all are great motorcars, but are indeed "entry" level when compared to the rest of the line up.

... and that's the point and reality of it all.  

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