Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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Re: Earth to fanboys

Jimmy said: "I am in full agreement with all of your above comments and puzzled as to why you should think otherwise. As you will see from my first post on this thread I agreed with yuki's comment about the quality of the FZ200 image and the skill of the photographer. Also with almost 60 years experience of photography I know the importance of filling the frame wherever possible."

Sorry Jimmy. My post was not directed at anything you said, but rather a general observation. The new forum convention regarding posting still cause me to stubble from time to time.

As a photographer who has spent more time and money than I want to admit, I still have problems filling the frame as much as I should.


PS: You and John Miles should have a lot in common, I would think.:-)

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