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Re: Info: New image viewing options for forums.

acahaya wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

acahaya wrote:

It is very nice when used on a windows pc with Firefox or IE. It doesn't work perfectly using Safari on a Mac. and it is completely horrible when voewing images on my iPad, all i see are compression artifacts and using the loupe i can see compression artifacts in 100%. Hurts my eyes.

dpr fixed a lot of bugs in the new forum sw for mobile devices and i hope they will fix this too but right now i avoid to look at images in posts.


I did some more tests today. As long as i am within WLAN range, images look OK, same as on pc. As soon as i move to 3G/LTE range, images seem to be displayed with lower resolution and stronger compression.

I used to have a similar problem with images not being displayed at all due to a setting on my profile with my provider (German Telekom) but that issue is fixed. But my guess is that this is related to either wrong scaling for high resolution mobile displays or new provider options i am not yet aware of or a combination of both.

I'll post if i manage to fix this with different settings, either on the mobile device or provider related.

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Yes give some news about it.

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