Unusual focus problem with D800

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Re: focus query

Carol Darby wrote:

Thanks Glo and Steve,

Phew! Glad to hear that I haven't got a dud camera and the problem was caused by the subject matter which most definitely was a repeating pattern.

I am still curious about the fact that in live view the camera will lock focus and fire even when aimed at a plain white wall. I try and keep a small subject on the edge of the frame (away from the focus points area) so that I can confirm that the result is most definitely out of focus. Is this normal? Thankfully that isn't something that will be an issue at a wedding.

Many thanks


The live view autofocus uses a different mechanism. It uses contrast to focus (contrast detect AF), so it can focus on much plainer surfaces. However, the trade-off is that it is much slower than viewfinder based AF (phase detect AF).

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