Unusual focus problem with D800

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Re: Unusual focus problem with D800

Carol Darby wrote:

The vertical drapes are closed so they create a light to dark grey vertical pattern. If I focus on the defined edge the camera locks focus and beeps. That is fine. But if I try and focus on the non defined centre of the drapes the camera hunts and then locks focus and beeps even though it most definitely is not in focus.

This is completely normal. And it's why selecting your AF point (and selecting the focus target) is very important. It takes some practice and you will learn over time what makes a good target. Phase autofocus works by looking at the edges of things, so it's why your camera can't focus on a plain wall or featureless surface. However, draw a tiny little feature on the wall, and it will focus no problem.

Bear in mind that the outer focus points don't work as well as the central ones, and they are more picky with regards to what they will focus on.

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