Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

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Re: Trinity vs. Primes? What would you do?

I'd mix it up a bit:

14mm Samyang (unless you absolutely, positively need the very best ultra wide AND shoot this focal length range a LOT, in which case skip the Nikon/Tamron 14 (yup, you read that right) and get one of the only two ultrawides in the 14/15 range that I deem having excellent image quality, those being the 3 grand Zeiss 15 or the Nikon 14-24. For most people, the samyang will do fine)

24/1.4G Nikkor

35/1.4 Sigma DG "Art Series" (Yup, you read that right. Got it and the Nikkor, and I'm recommending the Sigma over the Nikkor)

50/1.8 (save the money, it's a better lens than the 1.4 50)

85/1.8G (save some cash here too, unless you're really a bokeh freak)

70-200/2.8G VR-II (because there is very little in the currently available primes that's any better)

(and then get the 300/2.8 later when you've got the six grand lying around!)


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