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terrapixel too much, 10 gigapixel is about right

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

eNo wrote:

If bigger photosites are really best, then let's just have one that covers the entire sensor surface area. Signal to noise ratios will be out of this world! ... Just wondering how many photos one can make with something like that.

OTOH the path you follow to achieve the conclusion is false...

His path is valid. Your sarcastic overstating of the situation is what's false.

In return the opposite side would claim that "if small pixels are really best, then let's just have a 1 ...terrapixel sensor that covers the entire surface area"

I know you're being silly again in order to make some sort of point, but what you're being so sarcastic about is pretty close to the truth.

There's a way of making resonant pixels, where they separate their colors because they're a half wavelength of light (hope I got that right, the person who explained it to me is way out there with the math). So the pixels end up 280 nanometers for the green, which dominate the sensor, and that's 10 billion on a 24mm by 36mm sensor.

And if that sounds crazy, remember it's not even 1000 times more than we have right now. My first computer had 4.7 Mhz, 1 core, and 640k ram. My laptop is about 10,000 times faster and has about 10,000 times more ram.

....balance is the key word behind technology and balance differs as technology advances...

Balance is upset by disruptive technologies, like oversampling.

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