P7700's Digital Zoom examples

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Re: P7700's Digital Zoom examples

You are missing Nikonworks point. I'm sure he knows full well the limitations of digital zoom and doesn't need you to remind him. His point appears to me to be that the quality/usefulness of his digital zoom shots are quite surprising given those limitations.

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You're so sure he knows full well the limitations of digital zoom? LOL

So let me get this straight: This fellow, in his eagerness to show the capabilities of the P7700 (which I assume you own, so feel free to check on MY info to see if it's correct), decided to use a feature that DEGRADES image quality and post the results to show us WHAT exactly?

Had he used the optical zoom only and then cropped and PP'd properly his results would be better and we'd have something interesting to look at.

So rather than attack me for pointing this out (and pretending that he knew about in-camera software implementation firmware), please explain how his pics show anything useful about the quality of the P7700.

Thus far anyone looking at his results will run to the Canon showcase. Not only that, but when I and several others attempted to communicate with him he was unable to respond sensibly to anyone's ideas but his own.

So far I'm the only person here (besides the OP) who his on topic at all. And I bet the responses to this post won't have a thing to do with the topic since that would mean acknowledging that I'm quite right to have pointed this out to begin with. My "tone" may be to your liking, but consider the content instead.


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