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Re: The pot calling the kettle black

ray-ray wrote:

Golden rule: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything".

I had nothing bad to say expect that the photos were not good and usage of the digital zoom adversely effects the quality.

It's a different matter if someone is asking for critiquing, but for crying out loud... can't we just have fun with our cameras without having every inadequacy, weakness and shortcoming pointed out.

There are dozens of threads here with folks using their cameras and having fun. But when someone posts something that has no benefit and in fact mat\y lead someone to misunderstand the feature set of a camera, you'd rather folks stay quiet?

If you're trying to prove how photographer-savy you are, you're probably going to end up making people roll their eyes at you. Those of us who own the P7700 most likely are thrilled with it... it takes great photos. We don't need to have it pointed out over and over again that it doesn't take great photos the likes of the D600 or 800 or any of the "D's". Give it a rest. Please???

If someone posts something that's blatantly untrue or negative in regards to a camera anyone has the right to point it out WITHOUT fear of censorship.

Roll your eyes all you want.


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