Mt XE 1 is defucts. Thanks fuji !

Started Jan 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mt XE 1 is defucts. Thanks fuji !

I just brought the XE-1 and I don't feel like I got screwed.  I don't understand why everyone keeps comparing the two; one has the fixed lens and the other is a whole system and much more flexible; each has their own qualities. Now granted; having improve AF in the XE would have been nice but we all knew the X100 was due for an upgrade as it's been two years since it came out and we don't even know how much the AF has improve; also Fuji might bring out an update for the XE which will improve a lot of things including the AF.

The XE took great pics yesterday and will continue taking great pics while I build more lenses especially the 54mm.  Beside, we don't know when X100S will be release nor the price; I wouldn't be surprised if it's over $1500 with the improvements and won't be available until April.

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