Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

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don't confuse Nikon with "Nikon Europe"

Ken Johnes wrote:

BjarneChr wrote:

This is why a specialized version of any product costs extra. I don't think Nikon or any other company is trying to rob its customers - they are living of their customers ....

but they are trying to rob the EU customers :-)) , the 1250$ price difference says it all.

It says absolutely nothing.

In free markets like north America, or to a lesser extent, Japan, the premium for the 800e is only about 10%. That reflects the cost difference coming out of Nikon Japan.

The problem you're seeing is Nikon Europe, which is the same sort of European government sanctioned monopoly situation that has been going on for an entire millenium. The government and corporate mentalities that gave you royal charter companies like the British east India company, the Hudson bay company, the VOC.

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