New and need help with Canon SX50

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Re: New and need help with Canon SX50

lkk324 wrote:

I think your pic looks awesome!!! The sun rays are amazing! Great job!

Thank you!  The trick here was what's called chimping, i.e., shoot, check LCD, shoot again.  After a few failures in auto exposure (aperture priority, or Av), I realized I needed to take matters into my own hands.  I started with the aperture and shutter set by the camera, and adjusted them to get the result I wanted... after chimping.

and I totally LOL'd at your "crusty" not nice people comment lol I think veteran photographers sometimes forget how it was to be a beginner and really not know much of anything at all.....I need everything "dumbed down"

I know you're not calling yourself dumb, but what you need is to have things explained, and in appropriate detail.  If someone hasn't already recommended books, I've learned from Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide, although he has other books in his Understanding series that focus on different aspects, including exposure.

I have no idea what settings should be where or how to change some of them....OY! Then once you are out and about on the fields and taking pics and changing settings to see what works best.....can you later see what settings you had on a particular pic? I am sure thats a silly question....I bet you can. I just don't know how LOL I need to start at page 1 of owners manual and go from there.


There are many ways to look at EXIF information.  Photosharing sites like Flickr allow you to view EXIF data, although your camera records more than they show.  There are many free image viewers/editors like Picasa and IrfanView (Windows) or iPhoto and Preview (Mac) that allow you to view EXIF.

Good luck and have fun!

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