The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 29: January 6, 2013

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A second try

Thanks for the comment Peter and making me look again at that 4th picture.

Messier Object wrote:

"…...The 4th one looks to have suffered some colour shift though. …."

When I put this in I had to look again but I noted that all the pictures from this sequence looked the same in their RAW files so I attributed the saturated look to the light.... After your comment I have gone back several times and have decided that the problem rests with me... I set up the Olympus cameras WB to always be CLOUDY. I do this because I often find myself often shooting in overcast or shady conditions but also because the sensor tend to accentuate the blue reflected from grass under direct sun and I prefer my grass warmer. In this picture there wasn't much green but a lot of yellow and it turned out appearing over saturated. …. OTOH the ducks that I took through this same window have a similar problem with less yellow present.... So, while I think it is most likely a WB problem I'm not sure that these widows weren't tinted. (The second shot from this observatory was taken from a second floor window and in a different direction.)

Anyway I went back to the RAW file and adjusted the WB to daylight and reprocessed the picture. I also add a little desaturation (I often desaturate pictures but I'm not sure that I did this for the original.) Maybe this is better or, at least, appears more natural ....

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